Less Is More Than Enough

I believe in the ‘less is more’ theory. I believe that less is enough. I like simple, un-complicated, and minimal. I think less is underrated in this capitalistic world of commercial, feeble happiness. I want a simple job that pays the bills, with fewer work hours, lesser stress. My dream home is a tiny living space that I share with my dog(s). I want a small car that gets me to where I want to go. I want less ‘things’. I believe that when we have less ‘things’ to steal our time from us, we have more time to invest in ourselves. We are more real. We are more self-aware. More mature. An honest hug and a soft kiss is more sincere, more assuring, more loving than a thousand words of comfort. A simple smile from a stranger makes our day a little better. A small act of kindness melts hearts.

Then why do we waste time on constantly wanting more? More money, more control, more watches, more gadgets, more shoes? What drives us to want more? Why aren’t we ever satisfied? Maybe the media is to blame for showing off the wealth of the world, telling us we’re incomplete without certain ‘things’. Or maybe it’s the leaders, parents, teachers, celebrities, hypocrites. But aren’t we responsible for allowing them to feed on our insecurities?  Look at the thickly veiled lives of the people who have more. Now look at the kid playing with a rag doll or a football. Less is more than enough.

Amidst all this though, we have lost our judgment of what we should want more- faith, knowledge, love, happiness, courage, truth and strength. And it is only at our lowest that we come to the realization of the vanity of our lives and the meaningless nonsense we obliviously waste it on. I know this because I have been there.



4 thoughts on “Less Is More Than Enough

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    1. Hey a
      Thanks for reading my blog. I appreciate the compliment [=
      To answer your question- no, its not a paid subject or blog or anything else. The theme (/layout) i use is ‘Adelle’.

  2. Hey Tanvi! Discovered your blog by accident and what a find! Amazing writing talent you have so keep producing more work and keep delighting us with your musings… I went through nearly 3/4 of your blog and never was I tempted to just skim..
    Keep it up!
    Regards Nivedita

  3. Hey Nivedita
    What a suprise! I’m curious, how did you find my blog? I’m glad you found it interesting enough to keep reading. Thanks for the appreciation ( :

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