Is Absolute Happiness Real?

I have met a few people who claim to have lived a very protected and loving childhood, and who now lead very uncomplicated lives. But they always say that there is atleast one aspect of their lives that complicates their sorted world. They all always have one thing that makes life less than perfect for … Continue reading Is Absolute Happiness Real?


Are You Angry?

We walk through our lives trying to be the prefect, refined versions of ourselves. We live our lives trying to emulate the best qualities of the people we are inspired by. We are taught right from the beginning that apathy, selfishness, disrespect, unkindness and hatred, among other things are not the traits of a virtuous … Continue reading Are You Angry?


How would we have been If life had been sweeter than The morning cup of coffee We take to wake up to reality? How would life have been If the first time we tried to fly Didn't end the first of our countless dreams Ripping it off its every seam? How would truth have been … Continue reading Wonder