Is Absolute Happiness Real?


I have met a few people who claim to have lived a very protected and loving childhood, and who now lead very uncomplicated lives. But they always say that there is atleast one aspect of their lives that complicates their sorted world. They all always have one thing that makes life less than perfect for them. I admit to being envious of these friends in the past, for having just ‘one or two things that aren’t working out, you know’ against my ‘the silver lining is, I’m still alive you know’. But they made me realize that perfect state of happiness is utopian. There’s nobody who’s truly happy in every way in this world. We strive to be, we seek it, we live life in pursuit of it, we sing songs about it and sometimes we even fool ourselves into thinking that we are there, but it’s like a Will-o’-the-Wisp – we follow it, come close to grabbing it and then it disappears, but then we see another and that’s how we get through life. Some believe it leads you to your destiny while others consider it a misleading hope.

When we are perfectly happy, we’re satisfied and content. We don’t need to strive for anything, we don’t want. We risk being stagnant. I guess that’s why we need to have a little chaos brought into our lives from time to time, by uncontrollable forces so that we are driven by the hope of attaining it. Everything works on incentives that push us to work towards something. Attaining that wholesome happiness is what our incentive is. Maybe we’re not meant to attain it in this life, maybe it’s unreal, but if it makes us overcome our troubles and problems, be good and do what’s right, it’s the best reason to live.

When I was a little girl, I didn’t believe in Santa Claus (yes, I’ve been a cynic all my life). I found it unbelievable, the whole story. But it was a good story so I went along with it, year after year, never telling my family that I knew the truth (also, because I loved waking up to gifts under my pillow- which is where Santa leaves gifts in our family). So, even now in my 20s, I wake up with the hope of finding gifts under my pillow on Christmas morning. And I find them every Christmas morning, because my parents know how much I love it. And we all pretend they’re from Santa Claus. That’s how I feel about happiness. This perfect happiness is my Santa Claus. I know its make-believe but I still work towards being nice all year anticipating a present, a reward. And the rewards are pretty sweet.



Are You Angry?


We walk through our lives trying to be the prefect, refined versions of ourselves. We live our lives trying to emulate the best qualities of the people we are inspired by. We are taught right from the beginning that apathy, selfishness, disrespect, unkindness and hatred, among other things are not the traits of a virtuous person. Most of our conscious life, we discipline ourselves into being an honourable person. We all strive to be good.
But I have seen (and experienced) this one thing that, without a moment’s notice, vaporizes all the goodness in us and brings out our worst. Anger. I hate anger maybe even more than I hate lying. Anger in any and every form is hurtful. I live in close proximity of a very hot-headed person. That person and their anger is the sole reason I’ve learnt to keep my temper in check, to the point of now coming across as passive. This person’s anger has become so palpable over the years that I now dread staying in the same room as them when I sense their foul mood. This temper has caused a lot of pain. And this pain has scarred not just me but others too, emotionally and (unfortunately) permanently. There was a time when I think I cared about this person. But, that was many disrupted years ago.
Everybody gets angry. But acting on it, letting it guide your tongue and holding on to it, is what makes it bring out our lowest, ugliest and most uncivilized, self- introducing us to a person inside we didn’t even know existed. We’ve all either been there or seen that. Some of us even know how horrible it is to live with the trepidation of encountering it, every day. So, here’s my message to all the angry people- you’ll lose the love, trust and respect, of the people you care about, if you don’t consciously make an effort to keep your anger under control. It’s one of those habits that only get worse with time and age. Don’t let the day come when you have to wake up to the realization that you’ve driven everybody away and you’re all alone.


How would we have been
If life had been sweeter than
The morning cup of coffee
We take to wake up to reality?

How would life have been
If the first time we tried to fly
Didn’t end the first of our countless dreams
Ripping it off its every seam?

How would truth have been
If its every sacred extension
Had not only the power to set us free
But also to heal?

How would love have been
If giving it unconditionally
Didn’t burn you up inside
Scarring you for life?

How would the world have been
If truth, life, love and we
Existed to complete each other
Before it was time to say Goodbye, and wither?