Aaaand It’s December!

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I love surprises. And life has a way of surprising you every now and then. Hence, I love life. In moments of emotional low tides, uncertainty and doubt even a little accidental happiness pushes me to be cheerful about everything.

Recently, I took the road less travelled to explore an entirely different path, to see what it might lead me to. I’m a realist sometimes and know that not all roads in life lead you to a destination. Sometimes you end up in a cul de sac. So, I am living without expectations of being led to the promised land with this one. Even so, I know that if and when the time comes for me to make another unknown turn or turn around, I would have chosen a path I never thought of treading. And that encourages me. I’m proud of myself. I’m proud to realize that I’m open to new experiences and new directions, learning new lessons on the way. Whoever fixates on stability and security has never experienced the thrill of spontaneity and the empowerment that new discoveries bring- of the self, and the world. Life is too short to be rigid; it’s too adventurous to be unproductive.

A good dream, makes me wake up with a smile on my face (literally). Every batch of perfectly baked cookies, makes me beam. A kind driver, who stops to let me cross a busy street, makes me stop grumbling. My generous grocer, who lets me buy things on credit because I forget my wallet, makes me trust other people. Every message or email from a friend living far away, makes me feel like I’m not forgotten. Every time my neighbors volunteer to help me, I know kindness is not extinct. Every Christmas reminds me of love. And every New Year makes me thankful for all of it. All these and a million other things are the little surprises that life brings my way. I love its whimsicality.

This season, remind yourself to not overlook the little joys in the finer details of life just because you’re only focusing on the dissatisfying big picture. Open up, take a chance, and allow yourself to be surprised.

Happy December [=              


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