Moving Forward With Hope and Faith


It is always in the nature of life to throw the unexpected at us, whether good or bad, it doesn’t care. They say that those things are to make us stronger, teach us lessons, and help us grow. And even though we face the occasional good and the frequent bad, we must keep moving forward, ever forward. It is tough, I can say that, because the good makes us comfortable and secure in where we are. And the bad makes us want to run away on a different tangent, or quit. Moving forward is not easy.

When we make new decisions and advance towards making them happen, we take a risk, we’re apprehensive; we have cold feet, even as we move. But a few steps in that direction expel our fears and validate our beliefs in our decision. We’re pumped up. As our inhibitions lower, our confidence rises, we’re ready to counter anything that obstructs our way.

As we start getting used to the path, we start facing the real challenges. We’re half-way through, we must keep pushing forward, we tell ourselves, it was never going to be easy. In the end, it’ll be worth it, we are sure. And with that self-assurance we overcome those mountains. But the mountains don’t cease to sprout. Sometimes we grow weary and want to leave while we’re ahead, but a tiny voice inside our head always wants us to keep it together and follow the road to the end, giving us hope.

But as we walk the hills and valleys of what used to be a straight (even if) narrow path, doubts start pouring in. Was I meant to tread here? Or did I just wander in? Am I completely off the way I was supposed to go? What if these obstacles aren’t a test of my dedication, but are a sign that I have stumbled on to the wrong path? How far must I go, before I know?

Most times we don’t have the answers to any of our real questions. What we can have is hope– that we’re walking the line; and faith in being led, through whatever paths, to where we are meant to be.     


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