Confusion and Prejudice


I quit my job last week. I left the city. I moved to another city this week. Took up another job. Everything happened so quickly that I haven’t had time to come to terms with the big change that I have undertaken. All changes feel like big changes when they seem to alter the course of our lives.

Now, I’m living with my cousins and uncles and aunts and grandparents in a big joint family. Never since I left this city as a kid, did I think that I’ll come back here. Now, I’m supposed to stay here for atleast a couple of months. As a career move, I know it is the smart decision; on other levels, not so much. As an innocent teenager, I’d found that people of this city were small-minded and full of pride. This may not be the real scenario but I never denied my prejudice. And now, I find myself socially stuck. My aunt warned me yesterday that people of our society here haven’t changed still, that they’re all show and no substance. But, isn’t that true of a lot of people everywhere else too?

Maybe my prejudice is getting the better of me. Maybe I’ll grow to like the place. Maybe these months will pass by easy, with a little help from my friends (internet, for the win!).