Here I Am



It’s the people that make places special. The opposite also holds true. I have been admittedly biased about a few places because the memories of them are marred by unscrupulous people and, experiences that I’d rather not waste my brains cells in remembering.

Where I live now, I’d never have thought of coming back to, not in a thousand years. Yet, here I am. The work opportunity I’m getting here, I could never have gotten anywhere else. This was the right decision.

I am a different person now, than I was when I left this city 6 years ago. In that time spent away, I’ve become unrecognizably unlike the teenager I was when I left. I am stronger, independent, more mature and happier than I used to be. I now know who I am, as opposed to being lost and running on fumes.

I was apprehensive about coming back. I told myself that I won’t stay for very long. That the minute I would find any kind of work anywhere else, I’d leave. I guess I was scared of losing myself. I was scared that this place would bring back the bad old days.

But not anymore.

I was underestimating myself. I learnt that the genuinity of who I am does not enable a backspace function. This self-realization surprised me, but it gives me the courage to be fearless and face this dreary memorial of a city.


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