Here Comes The Rain


The rains bring with them, a whole new plethora of emotions. I love the sound of rains as they wrestle with the winds, falling on the living and unbreathing alike. Grey clouds make me feel cozy, feeling like a soft, fluffy blanket covering the skies. The thunderstorms sound like somebody airing that enormous thick grey blanket vehemently, trying to even it out over the unending skies.

The monsoons are sort of like the character Sadness in the movie Inside Out. You don’t appreciate her in the beginning and you think she is an unnecessary phenomenon who’s only capable of ruining things. But later, you realize the power she possesses. Sadness is, sometimes, the only one with the ability to save you. You learn that without her, Joy is incomplete. The rains are like her. Without the gloomy and wet weather, there is nothing endearing about sunshine. And without it there are no rainbows.

There is something mysteriously redeeming about the rains. All the dirt and adulteration seems to get washed away. It makes the world feel real. The green of the leaves, the colours of the flowers, the smells of the earth, they all come alive. And you can feel it too. They make you feel things without reason- sadness, joy, love, loneliness and more.

The rains, they make you feel real.



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