The 2018 Experiment

Happy New Year!
Every new year brings hope, but also anxiety for me. We hope that it’ll be a good, productive and a joyous year. But the uncertainty of the future sometimes makes me anxious, like every new beginning does.

Worries aside, we all like making new years resolutions. Now, with social media, it’s also easy to find out what people are resolving to accomplish in the new year. I see a lot of lifestyle changes that a lot of people are deciding to make this year, with the aim of personal growth and self-improvement. I admire the people who challenge themselves with the purpose of re-discovering themselves.

I am not somebody who challenges herself very often. I know what I like and do what I like. I also know that I’m not perfect, that I can be better. So I’ve been reading other people’s new year’s resolutions for help. The only problem is that there are a lot of things out there to try.

In the last few weeks, the more I read and researched, I started seeing some trends that are very popular. So I started looking for more. I stopped at 28 because that’s how old I’m turning this year.

And SO, I’ve decided to experiment with 28 different lifestyle trends this year, one per week, and write about my experiences, as a personal account of finding things to challenge myself with. Who knows, maybe I’ll even come out learning something new about myself or incorporating a new habit even.

Wish me luck!


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