Week 1: Early Mornings- Round Up

Sticking to the practice of waking up early in the mornings have been challenging, more than I thought it would be. It requires the discipline to not only give up your snoozing habits but also to sleep early, which is a real bummer for night owls like me.


Day 5, 6 and 7

I slept and woke up pretty much the same way- off to bed, counting the hours of sleep and setting the alarm for either 6 or 7.5 hours. It paid off, having a morning routine, feeling healthier and more adult-like.

The week after that, I tried to implement this into my daily routine to see if I could develop a healthy habit and stick with it.

Here are my thoughts on it:

  1. It’s not always possible to sleep early. Sometimes you have people over or you go out or on weekends. I cannot be one of those people who leave early just because I need my sleep. Sometimes the husband comes home late from work and we sit for hours, talking. Those nights, it’s not a great idea to turn in early, we like our alone time.


  2. I’ve learnt that it’s as lovely to wake up early as it is to stay up late. I no longer joke about morning people because mornings are quiet and productive too. Another plus point is that you get to see the world in a whole another light, literally and figuratively as everybody starts getting ready for the day. One morning during my Quiet time, the thought dawned on me that every morning everybody’s routines are more or less the same- we’re all getting ready to face the day, and in doing that around the same time, we are all connected. We all start the day with the same optimism and hope.


  3. Early mornings make you super productive. And then you’re done by afternoon. I felt like I had extra hours during the day.
  4. Afternoon naps become important to be able to get going to the end of the day. The down side to this is that waking up from the nap becomes another challenge because you’ve got to time it, not over-sleep and not hit snooze.


  5. You wake up looking fresh and you don’t need too much caffeine to keep you going.
  6. I got to add another meal to my diet and I cannot complain about having more food in my life.


It’s a good habit to keep for the weekdays so that’s what I’m going to try and do. I will try to be more productive during the extra morning hours and see how much I can get going.

I think it’s a splendid challenge and every late-riser must try waking up early, even if it is as a personal challenge to experience something new. What do you think?

P.s. Another reason to try this- your mum will be very proud of you!


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