Week 2: Meditation Isn’t for Me

I started the week with downloading two highly recommended apps for meditation- Headspace and Calm. Both of these apps are free to download but with a very basic beginners meditation guide. To get more stuff, in-app purchases are required. Comparatively, I liked Calm more because of the music on there, very calming spa-like music that I liked playing not just while trying to meditate but also at other times.


Now, let’s talk about the real thing. I tried meditating for 7 days and I’m afraid it didn’t do much for me.

I started the week with a lot of hope because of all the things I’ve heard people say about the benefits of meditation. The week hadn’t been stressful so I was counting on atleast liking the process if not really testing it under difficult times.


I started with guided meditations which were only 13-15 minutes long. The first day was okay, it allowed me to concentrate on my breathing every time I felt like my mind was starting to wander. I liked that it asked me to concentrate on something, instead of telling my brain to stop thinking altogether. It was a good way to go.


Day two onwards, I started getting a little bored.

 I realized that as active as my brain is, the truth is I like thinking about things. I’d rather think about something or someone that I love, than about the “rising and falling of my chest”.


On day 4, I tried something they call a “Body Scan”. I means being aware and mindful of your body while meditating- from the tip of your toes to your head. I must admit that I didn’t have the patience to sit through the entire time period, and quit in a couple of minutes.

Week 2 didn’t turn out very productive, in terms of experiencing a different lifestyle challenge. Meditation is just not for me. I am an introvert, I can spend hours thinking about good things and day dreaming and writing, to block out the world. I also believe in having a prayerful quiet time. I do that every day, which is why I can say that I’m at peace with myself. But, as unsettling as it sounds, I couldn’t find peace in meditation.


That is not to say that it’s pointless. It’s just of no use to me. There are some proven benefits to meditation and I know of people who meditate every day. And of course, the internet of FULL of people who swear by it.

 One good thing that came out of this week was realizing how good meditative sleep music is. I was having trouble sleeping for a night or two during this week, and I turned on the music which apparently aides in deep sleep. It did help me fall asleep.

 What do you think of meditation? I wonder if there are others like me who didn’t benefit from it.


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