On Our Way To Bangkok

This month, my husband, and I travelled to Bangkok for my birthday plus our first wedding anniversary!

It was my first time. He’s been there twice before for work but never really got to explore the city.

Our flight to Bangkok wasn’t very pleasant though. We were booked on a late late night/early early morning flight from Bombay to Bangkok on a Jet Airways flight.

Fellow Sleepy Travellers

It turned out to be one of those domestic flight planes that had zero leg room which is not a great thing for a 4 hour long journey. There were also, no screens or entertainment options. We didn’t even get pillows or eye masks. To make things worse, we didn’t even get seats together. It was a long, sleepless, back-hurting 4 hours.

We reached Suvarnabhumi Airport around 7:30am. It was time for breakfast. This trip was to be about food, it was pre-determined because we both LOVE south-east Asian food. Our food journey began with a café at the airport.


At, Suvarnabhumi airport, most of the restaurants, cafés and food joints are located on the 3rd floor. We arrived on the 1st floor, so we made our way up. We weren’t very interested in a heavy breakfast after a sleepless night so we settled for a nice cup of coffee and an interesting looking croissant, at a neat café. The croissant was fabulous with sugary butter filling. Yum.

Coffee and Charcoal Almond Croissant

Afterwards, we headed to the lower ground floor to get a cab. FYI to go from the 3rd floor to any of the floors below, there’s only one escalator and you’ll have to show your passport and boarding pass to the security guard at the escalator before he/she lets you through. On the L.Ground floor, we found a hidden food court with lots of traditional Thai food options that were also super cheap. We didn’t eat there but we did browse through.

Cheap food available here
Magic Food Point from the inside

For a bit we were a little lost while trying to figure out how to get a taxi, not unlike a lot of other tourists. It turns out that there’s no queue, at least not that early in the morning. There are just these simple kiosks where you select an option on the screen- short distance or long distance taxi- and it prints out a little coupon for you with the taxi number and parking aisle number written on it. You find your taxi and go. It is also to be noted that these are meter cabs but at the end of the trip, it’s a requirement to pay your taxi driver THB 50 + the meter fare. It doesn’t come up to much so, it’s no big thing. We were staying in Thonglor, and we only paid 250 THB to our guy. Pretty cheap.

We booked a service apartment in Thonglor, where we stayed for 8 days.

I’ll write about our stay there in my next post.


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