D is for Death

This is a grim topic but one of the things I find myself thinking about quite often. It’s interesting to me because how you live your life depends on what you think about death and what comes after. It’s a mystery that begets a lot of opinions.

As uncomfortable as talking about death is for some people, it has to be acknowledged. The truth is that death is inevitable. I don’t really think about dying myself but about my loved ones leaving. They will eventually face death, some of them before me. That’s just a fact. And no matter when that happens, it is going to be a most difficult time.


My grandma passed away recently and even though she was very sick, it was sudden. That side of my family is very close, which meant that it affected them greatly. But most of them took it pretty well and managed without many breakdowns. It’s because they’re also inspiration-worthy Believers. They were consoled by the knowledge that she is in a better place, in heaven. They were at peace knowing that she will be watching over us. And that, one day we will meet my grandmother again. Of course, there was crying while recounting stories about her but talking about God’s promises and remembering them was what comforted us.


During those days I wondered how people who don’t believe in the afterlife, deal with the death of a family member. What do you say to console them? How does one make them feel better? Thinking about your own death is easy, dealing with the death of somebody you love and care about is a different ballpark altogether.

I know that everybody deals with death differently. I’m merely voicing my curiosity.



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