Bangkok: Where We Stayed

We travelled to Bangkok in February and stayed in an “ApartHotel” in Thonglor, called The Residence on Thonglor. ApartHotel is what it said on the hotel booking app. These are apartment buildings that have been bought and converted in a hotel with service apartments.  The Residence on Thonglor is right on the main road, Sukhumvit … Continue reading Bangkok: Where We Stayed


Week 4: Here’s The Thing About Paleo Diet

It's been a week since I started Paleo diet to see if it helps my Type 1 Diabetic husband control his haphazard sugar numbers. I will write about my experience in the next post but I wanted to write about my general observations while following this diet in this post. Here's what I learned- There's … Continue reading Week 4: Here’s The Thing About Paleo Diet

Week 2: Meditation Isn’t for Me

I started the week with downloading two highly recommended apps for meditation- Headspace and Calm. Both of these apps are free to download but with a very basic beginners meditation guide. To get more stuff, in-app purchases are required. Comparatively, I liked Calm more because of the music on there, very calming spa-like music that … Continue reading Week 2: Meditation Isn’t for Me