Week 1: Early to Bed, Early to Rise…

I wanted to start the year on an easy note, saving the tough challenges for later in the year when the chances of failing were fewer. So, I've started week one by trying to wake up early (or earlier) in the morning. There are a lot of benefits of waking up early. - More motivation … Continue reading Week 1: Early to Bed, Early to Rise…


The 2018 Experiment

Happy New Year! Every new year brings hope, but also anxiety for me. We hope that it'll be a good, productive and a joyous year. But the uncertainty of the future sometimes makes me anxious, like every new beginning does. Worries aside, we all like making new years resolutions. Now, with social media, it's also … Continue reading The 2018 Experiment

Matheran: Abandoned Homes- A Testimony to Time

Sometimes when I travel, there a certain moments when I have an amazing experience that is hard to describe. I come across certain things that make me feel a lot of emotions without any rational reason. These experiences are not something that I can portray while recounting the stories about my trips with my friends, … Continue reading Matheran: Abandoned Homes- A Testimony to Time


Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a puddle. A puddle that suddenly makes you realize that you’re in a monotonous loop. It brings you down. It’s not that something’s wrong, it’s the absence of anything new that frustrates you. What do you do then? You try to find something real, something beautiful to … Continue reading Travels