C is for Challenges

Challenges are a part of everybody’s life. We have all faced tough times in the past and will have to in the future too. Maybe even right now. There are challenging people we sometimes have to deal with, situations and decisions. For me, challenges evoke an initial feeling of helplessness, followed by stress and thoughts … Continue reading C is for Challenges


B is for Body Positivity

Body positivity simply means accepting people of all shapes and sizes without judging/being judged. Unfortunately, the world that we live in makes it hard to do that. Here I want to talk about body positivity in terms of the self, because we tend to judge ourselves more than others. It is difficult to develop a … Continue reading B is for Body Positivity

Week 2: Meditation Isn’t for Me

I started the week with downloading two highly recommended apps for meditation- Headspace and Calm. Both of these apps are free to download but with a very basic beginners meditation guide. To get more stuff, in-app purchases are required. Comparatively, I liked Calm more because of the music on there, very calming spa-like music that … Continue reading Week 2: Meditation Isn’t for Me