The Fundamental Strive


It is in the most unexpected twists and turns of life that we find the true sense of our being. The ups in life make me realize that I’m thankful to God more than anything. I realize that even though I have no control over life and all that comes with it, I’m glad that the One who does control it, gave it to me and on certain days makes it feel so darn good. There are no such things as ‘little’ joys.  

The downs in life teach me lessons that I’d never learn any other way. This realization isn’t one of the best to come to, but it’s true. Sure, it’s easy to say it now, when I’m not in the middle of a depressing life situation, but when I look back at the ones I’ve had, I realize that I’m truly stronger because of the lessons I learned during the hard times.

I believe that a person’s true self comes out in the way they deal with an extreme situation. When great success shakes your hand, do you become proud or do you stay humble? If you find yourself amidst your worst nightmare, would you cower or gather all your strength to hold your ground? When you’re feeling defeated and let down, do you sink to the bottom or put on a brave front? When your world is shattered, do you want to give up and die, or do you efficaciously strive to keep the faith?

I’m a human, reacting to emotions in ways that often go against my better judgment. But, that doesn’t mean I’ll ever stop trying to one notch-up myself. So, I welcome all the twists and turns, remembering that the life’s not about them, they’re just reinforcement; it’s about using them to be a better, stronger woman.      


Reflection on Life


There are some things that have the power to alter your thinking about the important things in life. There are things that overwhelm you and create a change in you, that stay with you for the rest of your life. Those things may be rare. Most thoughts are fleeting and easily forgotten, but the ones that stay, they’re the ones that are caused by the revelation of truth within you. The moment you encounter them (yes, they’re not born within you but exist without) they grab your heart, and you know you will never allow them to let go.

These are sometimes an emotionally overwhelming experience that touches your soul, or harsh reality-checks that shake your foundations. These could be anything, from a miraculous near-death experience to dealing with the loss of a loved one, and everything in between. These insights sustain our being.

Of late, I’ve been learning lessons and gaining knowledge that brought me face to face with some truths that made me weak in the knees- the kind that leave you awestruck. Some thoughts have also come across that make me ask questions that nobody has answers to. They remind me that we’re merely human, the realm of our understanding is limited. This has also led me to the realization of there being a world that we live as our spiritual selves, and also how easy it is for us to neglect that universe. It is easy to get entangled with our tangible lives of career, weekends, chores, and tv. We have buried the sense of our beings under seven feet of perpetual worthlessness. All we need to do is dig our way through it and discover the beautiful mystery that awaits us. A life that we live every day, without even realizing its existence. A life that we continually extinguish through our jaded human understanding. We are made for a greater living.

That need for living a fulfilling life comes when we reach the realization that something greater is at work. And if we really search, we find the essence of our existence.