By The Sea


Our lives are full of commotion and chaos. We walk among the weak and tired. We feel the frustration as the winds of uncertainty constantly blow in and out of our lives. We hold on to the hope and the gratification we get in the little joys of life. We live, not survive, everyday.

I pride myself on being armed to deal with it all, all on my own. I like to stop for a while, in the silence of the night and be still. We have so much to think about, so much to deal with. We hoard so many emotions, so many questions in our heads, we need a time-out. I tend to sit by the sea and stare at the waters- sometimes turbulent, sometimes calm. That’s when I drown out the noise of the mundane world that exists behind me. In that moment, I have nothing to do with that world brimming with injustice and dirt; in that moment, I exist alone with the vast waters in front of me. The moon, the stars and all that exists beyond, is mine. The sound of the waves and the winds that carry them, is the melody that helps me unwind.

In that instance, that quiet time, I converse with the One above. How did I fare today? Did I do Him proud? Did I matter today? Did I stand out by being honest and fair? I unburden all that I hold against the world and learn to be a better person tomorrow. I reaffirm my faith in the good and promise to keep the hope, never to let it go.

These nights are the best part of my day. While others engage with one another at the sea-front, I form a bubble around me, even if for a little while. Till I turn around and face the world again.


We’re All In This Together


With all the texting and IM-ing and photo-sharing and status updating that we do, I think we have forgotten the art of communicating offline. I can almost see people calling dibs on the corners of a room and sticking to them for as long as they have to endure the torture of forced socialization at a dinner party. The only comforting element that will keep them from having a panic- attack is the reassuring Wi-Fi/ Battery-full sign at the top of their mobile phone screens.

I am one of those people- guilty as charged.

Instead of asking for directions, I would open Google Maps. Instead of asking my colleagues about the best pizza place, I’d ask online, anonymously on a food website.  I would rather play Just Dance on Kinect than go to the gym and work out. My family has often called Google my best friend.

The funniest thing is that I’m not even socially awkward. The only thing I have in common with stereotypical nerds is that I wear glasses (sometimes). Technology brings out the worst in us not-so-extroverted kinds, socially. Put me in an unknown (read: awkward) social situation and I could convince you that I’m dating my phone.

Once upon a time, in a not-so-distant past, I would go days without involuntarily picking up my phone (until it rang, of course) to see if there was a message that I accidentally missed.

Don’t judge me, I moved to a sleepy new city, away from all my friends. What’s your excuse?      

So, dear World, I’ll bring mine and you do yours, and let’s give each other company- one like at a time.


P.s. To the 50(!) people who are following this inconsistent blogger- THANK YOU!