Week 2: Meditation Isn’t for Me

I started the week with downloading two highly recommended apps for meditation- Headspace and Calm. Both of these apps are free to download but with a very basic beginners meditation guide. To get more stuff, in-app purchases are required. Comparatively, I liked Calm more because of the music on there, very calming spa-like music that … Continue reading Week 2: Meditation Isn’t for Me


Week 2: Meditation

For Week 2 of my 2018 lifestyle experiment, I've decided to work on my mind. I have heard a lot of people talk about meditation. I have been intrigued by it. The reason I never tried it is because I don't believe in emptying my mind. Also, because for me that's impossible. I'm an over-thinker … Continue reading Week 2: Meditation

Logical Fool

I have been having certain conversations with friends recently and my idea of how people reason is slowly being broken. Being a logical person, I assumed that most people think logically. I thought that emotional people, although I acknowledge their existence, are few in number. This might not be true, I’m learning. When I talk … Continue reading Logical Fool