On Our Way To Bangkok

This month, my husband, and I travelled to Bangkok for my birthday plus our first wedding anniversary! It was my first time. He’s been there twice before for work but never really got to explore the city. Our flight to Bangkok wasn’t very pleasant though. We were booked on a late late night/early early morning … Continue reading On Our Way To Bangkok



There is an intangible charm about Bombay. Everybody who lives in and loves the city, has their reasons but if you ask them what is so great about their city, their first answer would be "Everything!" followed by their list of city-loves.  This is my list of those reasons. For Part I click here 4. … Continue reading WHY DO I LOVE BOMBAY? PART II

Why do I Love Bombay? Part I

Mumbai (or Bombay, as many of us like to call it) is known by its many names. It’s the city that never sleeps, the city of dreams. Even though I wasn’t born or brought up here, Bombay has been home to me and over 11 million people, for a long time. I am what they … Continue reading Why do I Love Bombay? Part I


Matheran: From Taxis to Horses

Part#1 of the highlights of my experiences in Matheran