Sometimes you find yourself in the middle of a puddle. A puddle that suddenly makes you realize that you’re in a monotonous loopIMG-20150411-WA0030. It brings you down. It’s not that something’s wrong, it’s the absence of anything new that frustrates you.

What do you do then? You try to find something real, something beautiful to bring your soul back to life. You run away, even if for a little while, in search of new experiences, new sights, smells and sounds. You want to jumpstart your heart and mind by escaping to whatever they’re drawn to.

This is what travelling does to us.

I travel to see the world in its truest sense. I seek places and experiences that bring me face to face with the purity of the world that was created. These places at these times, still undefiled. I travel to escape the noise, pollution, unkindness and capitalism. I travel to find beauty in places in a world that has long lost it.

I travel to keep the faith.


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