On Our Way To Bangkok

This month, my husband, and I travelled to Bangkok for my birthday plus our first wedding anniversary! It was my first time. He’s been there twice before for work but never really got to explore the city. Our flight to Bangkok wasn’t very pleasant though. We were booked on a late late night/early early morning … Continue reading On Our Way To Bangkok


Week 3: Walking While Travelling

Week 3, my goal was to walk 10,000 Steps every day, for 7 days. The week, coincided with a trip I took with my husband, but I decided to stick to it. In a way, it was cheating because people tend to get out and walk more when they're travelling and exploring new places. Still, … Continue reading Week 3: Walking While Travelling

Week 1: Early Mornings- Round Up

Sticking to the practice of waking up early in the mornings have been challenging, more than I thought it would be. It requires the discipline to not only give up your snoozing habits but also to sleep early, which is a real bummer for night owls like me. Day 5, 6 and 7 I slept … Continue reading Week 1: Early Mornings- Round Up


The World I Want

Very recently I quit my job. Yesterday when somebody asked me what I was going to do next, my reply was “I want to get away!” “What from?” he asked. “Everything,” I said. Of course that answer isn’t sufficient when somebody is genuinely looking for a way to help you. I knew that. Although, I’m … Continue reading The World I Want